• Select "Wiring Diagram Number" then enter the wiring diagram number
  • Select "Serial Number" and enter the full serial number (Serial Numbers are located on the unit rating plate)
  • Click on the "Search" button to try and locate your drawing.
  • Wiring Diagram Numbers may be found on the Unit Rating Plate near the Serial Number or on the Blower Rating Plate
    • Wiring Diagrams that are found will be shown below
    • There may both DWG (AutoCad® Format) and PDF (Adobe Acrobat®) format drawings
    • To save a drawing, Right click on it and choose "Save Target as"
  • If no options are shown- contact factory to verify if replacing the unit
To get accurate print outs of PDF Wiring Diagrams, Please update to Adobe Acrobat Version 6.0 or higher.
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